Wednesday, March 18, 2009

it may have taken me the whole of my 25 years to realize that i loved doing what i do and am FINALLY able to say im happy with how i do it...
the countless times i have thought i wasn't good enough or wonder what the big giant scary would of illustrators and designers would do with a girl like me. sorry we're full!
so possibly, it was my travels to america and south east asia with my 2 sisters (coz best friends are sisters) where we stumbled (literally) across a wonderful shop called MU in pai- northern thailand. the thai graphic designer who sat outside the shop was incredibly talented and his work- splashed across the walls, on notebooks, postcards, keyrings, magnets was something that i knew i would never forget. i told him how wonderful i thought his work was and how i was a graphic designer in australia. after him telling me how lucky i was to have the opportunities in australia, i took a second glance at this guy and true! and if he can do it -I CAN TOO...
so here i am


  1. Hey Clare,
    Congratulations on the beginning of your blog journey. Nothing but the best is wished to you from me ... and I think you are incredibly talented.
    Look forward to seeing your designs and work on your blog. xx

  2. Clare Clare Clare
    You know what we think. We love your work.
    I love your work - you are extrememly talented.
    You can do whatever you put your mind to.
    Like Al I look forward to seeing what you come up with in the future.

  3. Good luck. A positive attitude will go a long way.

  4. I've been there - and that guy is fabulously talented!
    But seriously - so are you! :)



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