Thursday, October 7, 2010

bowie-the great!

ohhhh geeee! i am that wrapped this morning. found out that i am on print and pattern!!! pretty damn excited. thanks so much bowie!! you have made my day. i look at this blog religiously every day, so to see victor fox on there, is amazing! i feel very privileged!!!


  1. Came via P & P - very impressed! Fun stuff!

  2. That's awesome - congrats!! That would make my day/week/month too :D

  3. That's a super lovely print, Clare, and a well deserved P&P mention - hurrah!! What joy!!
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my pages the other day and glad you're getting some love from my blog - you deserve that too, your blog's looking mighty fine and the pics you took are great too :)
    stay in touch xxxx



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