Thursday, January 27, 2011

2011... a little late

hi everyone, gee i have been away for so long from this blog! i kept logging on, and just staring at my banner- one: saying to myself "it is no longer the season", two: this blog needs a kick up the ass, three: hmmm now what can i write??... nothing! four: log off!

the crazy season last year has (without my permission), rolled into the early parts on this year and actually, i still, am sitting here thinking- when is it going to end and when just when can i get my shit sorted and get out my pens!

i finished off last year so proud of how far victor fox had come... this time last year i was hoping someone would maybe take a business card. i now look back at 2010 and i have doubled my clients, been on print and pattern, won competitions, and really worked hard to put victor fox 'on the map', with thanks to my very supportive family and beautiful finace.

this year, i swore to myself that i would work harder than ever. none of this 'ill do it tomorrow' business!!
i have a few propositions on the horizon with some super super talented people and i am thrilled to be apart of it. i also am getting married and really want victor to go forward in leaps and bounds...what a busy year.

i am kicking of the year (a month late) with a sneak peak of the work i have been working on. a very fun collection called bubblegum hills for kaisercraft.
until next time...


  1. Gorgeous patterns and really lovely colours too :D Woohoo congrats on your upcoming wedding!! How fun! Here's hoping 2011 is a super productive year all-round :)

  2. What a lovely first post for the year and a great way to get back into the swing of things! It sounds like you have a very busy year ahead that is full of all things good!! Your patterns are gorgeous and I wish you the best of luck with everything you take on in 2011!!

  3. More wonderful work, love it. And here's to exciting things happening for you and Victor Fox! Bring on 2011!



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