Friday, February 4, 2011

friday first give away

hi everyone, yey its friday! hope everyone has had a great week. kaisercraft has kept me super duper busy this week with 2 new ranges that im working on! i do love my job but i couldnt wait to get out the door this week!!
im not sure what everyone is doing at this time... but me? gee sitting in a sauna of an office, with thunder and pouring (and i mean pouring) rain just outside my door. its still 27 degrees here and like a sodden little hot box.
i was thinking to myself that i was feeling in an excited and generous mood tonight, and wanted to share with you my newest card range of 4 cards. inspired by woodland beauties and just in time for easter.
i also wanted to give a pack away to three lucky readers from my 38 (and growing!!!) followers.
i remembered when i had only one follower (and it was myself! haha)... so i thought it was time to share the love.
just post a comment and tell me your favorite activity to do over easter. if i only get one comment- the lovely person will get all three packs, and i get to share your special easter memories... so win win i say!
my easter memorie you heading off to bright (the far top of victoria) with my two brothers, mum, dad and one very spoilt maltese shitzu! we used to head off so early in the morning when it was still dark & dad backed the car right up to the back door...i remember us kids were sooo excited we could burst.
have a lovely weekend all...x


  1. I'm very jealous!!! At this moment my Friday has only just begun, I am still at work, but the good news is for once it is not raining in Bath and it's 8ºC, practically balmy for February if you ask me! Roll on Spring!

    My favourite Easter memory was Easter Egg flinging, literally hurling a hundreds of coloured eggs as far as you could in my back garden and seeing who was the winner. There were loads of us doing it and you could spot pieces of shell for weeks after. It was great!


  2. Beautiful cards!

    My favourite easter memory... When I was little, my mum (aka the easter bunny) use to sneak around when i was asleep and arrange a trail of little eggs going from the foot of my bed, through the whole house to a huge pile of Colourful easter eggs in the back room. I used to be so excited when i work, picking up all the eggs on the way to my big Surprise. Thanks MUM! xo

  3. Ooooh - Super beautiful cards!! Hasn't the weather been sticky and disgusting lately? I work at a nursery a few days a week and when it's hot and humid it's a bit of a struggle to get through the day... especially when you are 27 weeks preggo hehehe!

    Easter memory... telling my mum I'd stay up late and dye the hard boiled eggs for the egg hunt with her. The look on her face was priceless, as I was about 8 or 9 at the time she didn't yet realise I knew she was actually the Easter Bunny :D



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