Monday, March 14, 2011

gotta love mondays (when its a day off)

i hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend. (well us victorians anyway)
i went to daylesford on saturday to do some more wedding planning. gee i love daylesford.
i went to visit lark, but it was a shame, alison was out so i didnt get to meet her, her shop is just incredible. i could have stayed in there forever.
i also went to the makers market. got myself some soaps and amazing oil burner melts... my house smells incredible now thanks to that baby! and then topped the day off at bocconcinis. i am quite happy to say that i had 'the best' pot pie i have ever had in my life... i actually nearly ate the pot!
a winery day for a friends birthday yesturday, then engagment party, and then enjoyed the incredible weather today had to offer... and even better its monday.. yey for the short week.
i did this drawing today as i was wishing i had of planned for a picnic day...
ah well i think my finace and i will just go out for dinner to make up for it... mmm mexican i think!
happy monday xx


  1. Love the cute little frame corner :-)

  2. Isn't Lark an unbelievable amazing shop, so much to look at (and buy!). Very cute picnic day drawing!

  3. Wow, such beautiful work you do!! Love your designs and illustrations.

  4. So wonderful! I can't believe it just took a day. Lovely!

  5. hey clare thanks so much for the sweet comment! I found your work on p&p, lovely scrapbook patterns and love the cute line drawings too! :) xx

  6. Hello,
    I sent one of your lovely cards to my boyfriend in Afghanistan, he loved it! They are possibly the most traveled cards in the world! Thank you so much for them.



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