Tuesday, March 8, 2011

do you think i would notice??

october last year, you may have remembered my 'not cool' post about the person coping my designs and putting them on istock!! it has come to my attention that my design was actually downloaded 35 times!!!! and i am furious!
its one thing to copy, its another thing to resell work that is not your own!
why i wanted to post about it again was because i wanted to show the evidence. i also wanted people out there... whoever reads this blog or sees victor fox's work to know that this was MY OWN design.
my design was published on print and pattern christmas 2009, and copied.
i think that the worst part about it is, that istock is designed for the purpose of downloding work to resuse, this may mean 35 people could be using my dove design!!!
the image was deleted off the istock account, and even worst it was illustrator anna wray, whos company copied my design (she should know better!).
if you 'happen' to come across this in your travels. please please let me know!


  1. Oh my word that is terrible!!! Did you report it to istock as well because they can ban the illustrator from stock sites!! I cannot even imagine how mad that must make you I would be furious!!! It is very sad that people think they have the right to copy!!! On the bright side though your work is so nice that someone wants to copy it!! - I have to find a bright side to everything!!

  2. That's awful! So blatant, they didn't even go to the efforts of changing the colour!
    Have you seen this?


    P.S. I got it, late on Sunday, I just havn't had a chance to blog-it-up yet, will try soon, I love them, thank you so much!

  3. Dreadful state of affairs....dreadful. The same thing happened to illustrator Dawn Tan very recently. Pox on those copiers, they ought to be ashamed of themselves.....

  4. So what can an artist do to protect their art? We need to be getting our stuff out there...

  5. That's absolutely awful! I'm so sorry you had to go through that. And another artist stole from you? Terrible!

  6. hi everyone thanks very much for the support. yeah it was/is an extremely deflating thing to happen! and jess- yeah they didnt even try and change it! ooooh it made me boil!!!
    cassandra- i actually emailed the illustrator to make her explain the reason for publishing MY work. she said that it was her intern that designed it, and she would take it off her account... I DONT CARE who did it.. it was copied and now 35 more people have it!
    thanks again though, and like i said, if you could just remember it was my design first (hehe) that would be great!

  7. I hope you got some credit or financial compensation from her?

    Anyway, you have been blogged about, I don't think you're following me so I thought I'd let you know here. Thank you so much again, they'll come in very useful.

  8. hey jess, yeah she offered but I didnt realize that it was downloaded 35 times... its probly too late now!
    i think ill put it on youthoughtwewouldntnotice.com!!! and dob on her ahah!

  9. GRR how very very annoying, irritating, and downright out of order!!
    On a lighter note thanks for swinging by my blog and such lovely comments :)
    Your blog is really beautiful and I will look forward to following you.
    ps. indeed Bee rocks!! :)



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