Sunday, April 24, 2011

rabbit business

happy easter everyone! i hope that giant rabbit treated you all with some goodies.
this year was a special easter, my first neices first easter. she was introduced to chocolate for the first time and GEE did she love it... and crack it when it was taken away.
and so we have just spent the last 5 hours in a car traveling home from bright. its one of those trips that you just want to click your fingers and be home, but then your home and you want to be all the way back there again!
i was lucky to convince my hottie to stop in at beechworth. we had a delicious lunch and enjoyed looking at a few shops... one of my favourites salisbury and maude. if your ever in that area, do yourself a favour and head to that shop!


  1. its such a long drive home but ooohhh so worth it and like you glad to be home but still wish i was back there - glad you made it to Beechworth - its such a lovely place. Love your giant bunny!!!!



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