Monday, January 30, 2012

inside out and colours

well not the greatest day- lets be honest. i came home tonight from work and put on the tunes. much to my delight 'inside-out' magazine had been delivered, agghhhh just what i needed, im one of those people that get THAT excited about a magazine that i cant even bring myself to peek unless im sitting on the couch, feet up, with a coffee or wine. all eyes on the pages, ah the divine, idea packed pages. armed ready for the inspiration and ideas to come thick and fast. today however i did promise myself to do some 'victor fox' when i got home, so here i am. very inspired by this colour palette at the moment, so i thought id have a play- and this is it. ok- see ya, im off to read my magazine. happy monday...


  1. Oooooooohhh loving this colour combo moriesse! An of course I am in love with the skulls... Xo

  2. So cool! Love the simplicity but it's so lovely and complex too! Hope you enjoy your magazine.

    1. We hope you enjoy the latest issue, too (with your feet up and a nice glass of wine for company)! It's really nice to hear of your excitement on receiving our Mar/April edition. Thanks for the lovely support of Inside Out.

      All the best,
      Lee Tran, Inside Out

  3. one of my favourites. ever.

    a lovely mixed bag. x



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