Thursday, February 16, 2012

feb 16

i was having a think about this theme "something new", a long hard think... and then it came to me. something new that iv tried. 
something that has challenged me, bought me so much joy, tested me, made me smile, and bought with it a giant mixed bag of different emotions. this 'something new' is the move "home" to my mum and dads. living married, with my brother (and his girlfriend when she is over), mum and dad and the dog...alllll under the one roof. an adult, returning to childhood.
we decided the time was right last april to move home to my mum and dads to save us some pretty pennys (i dont know how much saving we've actually done!!). anyway, i was having a think about how much your family, and home shapes who you are. the lessons you learnt, the things you were taught, and how all those lessons growing up have made me who i am today.  my parents have been wonderful, and i can really thank them for the person i am, but i AM ready to move home... to our home. our gorgeous 3year old townhouse is patiently waiting for our return in 6 weeks time. 
i loved this quote as it was so true for my 'something new'.


  1. Pretty! And lovely words. Congrats a little early on your move!

  2. what a great quote! oh yay! you're moving back - how exciting to have your own place back again clare! :)



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