Thursday, March 1, 2012

feb 29...goodbye february

feb 29- something im listening to. the sound of rain on my window while i work. i just love that sound. it would have to be my favourite sound ever! especially when the rain is on a tent or tin roof. the sound of running water and rain is sooo relaxing and thats just what im in desperate need of- a good relax.

well the month is over...goodbye february. what a busy, crazy full on month it was. 
i was unable to complete my bikram yoga challenge because of busy times at work, which was disappointing, but i did love it and will be continuing that though out the next month. i gave up alcohol,  coffee (hmmm that didnt really last), cut off all my hair and completed the illustration challenge.

the illustration challenge has been so much fun. thanks to fatmumslim for creating it. a huge thank you to my followers who popped by everyday to see what i was up to. a big thanks to michaele razi... your countless comments really bring me up and i love to see your support. another thanks to all my new followers i think there was around 20 new followers and the 1,810 views i had during the month of feb (yey).
thanks again xxxxx


  1. Congratulations! I have so enjoyed following your month of illustrations, it was way more of a challenge than just photos so well done you! And as for trying to give up coffee? I can't give up my tea so I wouldn't worry!x

  2. nice image here but can't agree on the rain-ugh! My all time hate is rain!, but I live in scotland where we get way too much of the stuff to like it.



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