Friday, March 9, 2012

foto friday

today i was greeted by janelle's lovely post from greylace- a post about the most wonderful colour in the world... my very favourite yellow. i thought for todays foto friday i would post my yellow shoes...they make my day that bit better. thanks janelle for bringing the yellow to my day! hope you like my yellow too! happy friday everyone... long weekend yey! im off to the country to visit my bestest friend, and share the few days with my beautiful girlfriends. very much looking forward to it.
 the weather: 27degrees and 28 degrees! yep ill take that!


  1. I love those shoes!! Hehe yes yellow is a wonderful colour! Thank you for your lovely mention :) xx

  2. Lovely shoes! I really like yellow too! Have a nice weekend with your friends and enjoy the nice weather ;)



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