Wednesday, March 28, 2012

i do!

yey! the time has come, i finally get to post about my wedding.
let me just tell you all... I HAVE BEEN HANGING to show you all these images, and they are finally here! 

as you may/ may not know, i got married to the most devine man in the world back in october last year. we were blessed to have such an amazing day. everything, just everything was perfect! 

as you all know, being creative is awesome for 99% of your day, but when it comes to making decisions about something so personal, that job becomes a difficult one. i had the dream of a white wedding, tradition mixed with modern. i needed someone (a photographer) who understood my arty side. who wouldn't laugh when i said "my fox victor is coming on shoot with us". i needed someone who got as excited about my giant ampersand, and who went off on a tangent when i did. someone special. and this man was dj paine from studio promise and bridelicious.

dj is a photographer from queensland and by jingoes arnt we glad we chose him. 
arty mixed with modern, totally traditional and a little mad...just perfect! i have shared with you here just a snip it of his work. in all honesty this blog would not have coped if i was able to post every photo i poor mac would force quit its butt on poor old blogspot.

my beautiful brides maids and our groomsmen, our best friends, made the day such an enjoyable one, and we are just so lucky to have not only them, but the family and friends in our life.

my great friend jodie from the flower bowl, created magic with her flowers. with my vague description of the flowers i liked "the white ones" or "the ones that look like not flowers" and "yeah i like that... but not that" (describing two of the exact same flower) she did an incredible job. 

overall i am wrapped- absolutely wrapped with our day. i got to marry my best friend and most favourite person in the world. and what memories we have from it.

you can check out all the photos here.


we stayed here, flowers here, dress here, hair here, reception here


  1. simply DIVINE!


    a lovely mixed bag.

  2. Beautiful photos! I love the one of by the window... x

  3. AMAZING!!!!! Love them all!
    d+o xo

  4. Your wedding photos are fabulous and it sounds like you had a wonderful day. I love the photo of you in the window. Thanks for sharing. xx

  5. Gorgeous! Everything about your wedding looks simply divine--you, your hubby, (OMG) your dress, hair, reception, everything. Congrats! What a wonderful day and the pics look like it does it justice!

  6. wow these photos are amazing, beautiful setting it really does look perfect. we keep trying to organise ours but it get so complicated that we end up putting it off! one day we will get there!! x

  7. Wow! Beautiful wedding and bride! ^0^

  8. You look amazing.
    Glad to have found you and your blog Clare.
    Owls looking good too x

  9. gorgeous clare! those photos are devine and wyou wedding looks amazing! I'm so glad it turned out as you planned!! xx

  10. great photos! Looks and sounds like a wonderful day! Congratulations!

  11. Awesome pics, I love the one with the &. Where did you get one so big or did you get it made at work?

    1. Hey, yeah I got it made at work... the lovely boys in the joinery did it for me! great hey! now its up at our house i love it



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