Sunday, February 20, 2011

hungover sunday sketches

gee... too much wine, too much pictionary...too much laughing and def too much fun (!). last night produced an amazing, well over due girls night in barwon heads and paying for it now as i sip on my peppermint tea (yes clare get those antioxidants back into the vino ridden blood of yours).
so, i have decided that everything simply seemed too hard today. what to wear (too hard) what to eat (too hard) what to think (definitely to hard) so what else better to do than work with it.
get out my pens and draw. these are my hungover sunday doodles.
i am listening to 'dancing with myself' by nouvelle vague & thinking about my pitta pizzas on the bbq tonight... maybe this sunday isnt that bad!


  1. I like them, I wish my hung-over days were so productive.

    I have just woken up, Sunday morning, 10 hours after many glasses of red wine and now have to play hockey in the rain. Fancy swapping? I quite like the idea of a BBQ and some sunshine.


  2. wow. hats off to you. i can just about make a tea when hungover let alone draw! the second doodle would look gorgeous as a continuous pattern. would make gorge surface print for wallpaper, fabric, giftwrap etc! love it. xx



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