Monday, February 21, 2011

monday monday... thank goodness your nearly over

hi everyone, i hope that you had a great weekend. what a weekend i had. it was awesome...
the only bad thing i could report is that i was struck by the dreaded 'designer doubt' eeeekkkk.

the beast came on late sunday night whilst off in blog land. daydreaming and drooling away over fellow blogs whilst taking time out to shut my gawking mouth! not only this... the beast stuck around like an annoying in-law until the late hours of today (he may STILL even be lurking in the shadows!)
i hate it... i hate when he dawns on me/ us i should say (as im sure we all get a visit from the designer doubt troll beast!)
"im not good enough, i cant do what they do, look at that drawing... HOW did she do that! i hate them, i hate the world...file quit! apple z that whole experience and erase it from my bastard visual memory!"

talking today to my fellow designers at you think its bad to have so many styles? i mean... i dont have a distinctive style of work... its a bit of this a bit of that. heeelllp! is it too 'final year of school, preparing your folio for the future... looook what i can do?'
totally oblivious to the fact that my folio probably looks like a stinkin' op shop of a thousand and one different items of moth ball infested clothes... pilly and so 1999.

anyway i would love to hear what people think about that rampage ramble iv just taken up several lines for.

this week im on a mission... to try and stick to a style, and one that i enjoy.
this is a little illustration collaboration from my sketch book. i hope you like my 'style'

happy monday.... (bring on tuesday i say)

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  1. How could you ever doubt yourself - I'm so surprised. I love your work. You inspire me to be more creative. I often look at your blog and get creative jealousy (in a nice way - wishing I had the chance to do more). I'm quite restricted creatively by the clients we have at work (not that I don't enjoy what I do) but I get very little or no time to express my own creative language - not that I even know what that is! Knowing your style is such a horrible thing to get your head round. I just do what comes naturally and however I answer a design brief, well that's my style. My style seems to be influenced by whatever is and has saturated this peasized brain of mine.

    Anyway, I think what you do is great. Keep up the good work and just embrace, enjoy and have a little more faith! You can repay this favour when the designer doubt troll beast pops by my way! x



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