Thursday, April 28, 2011


just a few tags i have been working on lately... extremely vintage feel, and totally different to my last post.
i still have this problem of finding a style and sticking to it... i love this old scrappy style, but i love the cleanliness of the post below of the hedgehogs.
these tags i will be using for my new tshirts, hoodies, and other bits and bobs.
what do you think? should i ditch this vintage style? or do you think its ok for swingtags???


  1. i love the vintage style....
    they are all great....really love that last one!
    thanks for taking the time to make the sweet comment's so encouraging for my daughter to get good feedback
    thanks again

  2. Your work is very lovely and I really like the vintage style! Thank you for following my blog and leaving wonderful comments! :)

  3. Thanks so much ladies! and no worries about the comments, xx

  4. helloo! thanks for the lovely comment, i say don't worry about your 2 styles, i'm sure they will find somewhere to merge together along the way! i really like these hang tags x

  5. Hi

    I know what you mean about styles. I am the same, I have a clear vector style but also love working on vintage montage which couldn't be more different. All of your work is great though, so just enjoy it and see what happens! :-) x

  6. I LOVE this style!... and your blog banner too :)



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