Thursday, May 5, 2011

mr hog and his merry friends... even victor got a guernsey!

hi, hope your having a great week. apologies for my lack of interesting posts this week... i dont need to go into it all... bla bla di bla bla, but very busy!
today i have been getting stuck into blog land. and very inspired by all the fantastic illustrators. dont you love those days! and the best bit about it was, that i was really enjoying looking through everyones blogs and didnt feel like i wanted to go home and set fire to my sketchbook or hurl the mac out the window.
i really got inspired and really got into it, heaps of ideas were flowing and it was awesome, i also couldn't have commented on peoples posts quick enough, i was having a great ol time in blog land. actually a good 3 hours or so. but thats not hard, one blog leads to another blog, then another, then look at that one, then ooo whos this, then oooooh she is brilliant, then oh 'she knows her!' gee i love blog dazing!
i came across an illustrator tamara henderson (yes i know your thinking... 'clare where the hell have you been!') and i was SO into her work, i loved how many posts she did on just gorgeous little animals, and i thought- right i want to do that! so thank you tamara for the inspiration, (by the way you are incredibly talented).
anyway, here is a little woodland print i did tonight, all pumped with pen (well illustrator pen tool) in hand.
the hedge hog i blogged about earlier got a mention, and even victor snuck into this one.
(this actually was not even what i designed that hedge hog for...haha ah well!)
friday tomorrow...where has this week gone?


  1. Really lovely work! Thanks so much for the kind words... you made my day. Happy to have found your blog.

  2. Hi Clare

    Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog-so kind :0))

  3. Oh this is just adorable!! Love love love the colours.

  4. Very pretty! Love your choice of colors and how it goes nicely into pattern work :D

  5. I know! I love her work too! Isn't all the color gorgeous? And lovely hedgehog you made too! Say hi to Victor for me. He tries to steal the hedgehogs' spotlight, I see...

  6. Lovely repeat very nice use of colour :)

  7. Hello Clare! Your work is beautiful, love your style of illustration :) Thank you so much for your lovely comment, made my day! x



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