Thursday, June 23, 2011

the collective with meaghan cook

its been six months from the day we met. set up to meet on a blind date. i had never met meaghan before, nor knew what she looked like.
but i knew when i saw her!
i had been thinking to myself and wondering "what will she be like? how will i know who she is? do i kiss her hello, hug her, or be totally out of character and shake her hand? what if she thinks im too immature? or unprofessional?" well the minute we were introduced, all that flew out the door. my thoughts quickly turned to " why the hell has it taken us our whole lives to meet?".
meaghan had bought my cuckoo clock from a shop in barwon heads, and then searched out to find me. Thank goodness i listened to my fiance and put my contact details on the back of it.

when we caught up, meaghan told me that she wanted to create a new look for her branding- to spice things up a bit a really portray who she was.
we stayed and chatted for about 3 hours, and i wished it was longer. we just clicked.
i was now thinking "is this a meeting to be your newest friend" I ACCEPT!!!

i have had so much fun creating her identity visually and linking her ideas to the drawings. there was reason behind every illustration i did, and every stroke of my watercolour brush.
apart from the fact she is awesome, and i mean really awesome, meaghan 'got' me too. she found me first and that really gave me a lot of confidence to take on her project.

so, this is a bit of what we have been beavering away at, and what a project it was. the logo, branding, web, blog, swing tags...the whole lot. countless hours and stupid amounts of text messages, 5 million emails, 4 or 5 catch ups, and funny delirious jokes in between.

its been brilliant. it really has, and what a 'feather in my cap' as my pa always says to me.
i have been extremely lucky to have a client like her. too lucky really. she always gave me so much encouragement, and there were times there i thought 'right clare, you really can do this!' get your shit sorted!

i know you will be reading this meaghan, and i want to tell you how much i adore you. your brilliant. so much of your work and how you work is all about 'others'. YOU my friend are the talented one, and its been just the best working with you.

everybody, head over to her new website. she really is one talented lady (lady??/ girl?)... well anyway she's rad!

and THIS is what i've been hanging out to show you all.


  1. gorgeous work from you both and so nice to find a great new friends too!

  2. oh my gosh you have done a fantastic job of meaghan's website!! :) I love it clare!! :) some of your best work I've seen!

  3. I'll be round to your house with a slab of blue powerade as a thank you for your warm and lovely words. xox



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