Tuesday, June 21, 2011

afternoon owls!

evening all...iv possibly had the busiest 2 days ever. work has been insane, and when i say insane i mean when you curse yourself for needing to go to the bathroom as there is SIMPLY just no time! and when you dont even have time to refill your water bottle but your mouth is so parched you can barely breath- cotton mouth has taken over!!
yeah you know those days? i bet you all know exactly what i mean.
so tonight on my way home from work, i knew i had to options:
1} hate the world, snap at everyone and everything, and 'blame' the ridiculously busy day iv had. possibly stick a hazardous warning sticker over my mouth OR
2} take a breath, turn on some turns in the car, sing all the way home. stop by the florist and buy my mum some flowers, and instead of hating the sight of anything that resembles a mac - get to it and design something special.
and guess what i chose... you guessed it option 2! and do you know what? i feel so good for it.
my mum loved her flowers, i was able to really enjoy doing this owl pattern and i saved everyone else from hating the world by NOT choosing option one!
what a great night...
on that note, there is only so much you can put your body through and im going to collapse with exhaustion..... niiiiiiiiiiiiiight!
(and yes i may be a little delirious!)

1 comment:

  1. Loved this post! I'll have to always remember option 2.



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