Friday, June 10, 2011

oh what a week!

woooo wiiii its friday, and i tell you what, it DID NOT take long to twist the top off my beer tonight!
how busy has this week been...wowsa!
i have so many jobs on at the moment and with the wedding planning and all, its all been crazy. i also hurt my back pretty bad and have been struggling this week.
hey, i must ask, (speaking of weddings) all of you married girls out there... how on earth did you get everything 'sorted'? i think im going to write a book...'the brides book, its ok not to know a thing!"
i mean seriously, no one tells you a thing. yes i admit 100 layer cake and green wedding shoes you are my true loves, but you dont help. if anything they make me go "hmmm ok devine, HOW can i get that?!" and unless youve done it all before, it actually is quite difficult.
im a graphic designer (who knows a bit about colour, and putting things together etc), so i can imagine those who have no clue where to start-gee!... RIGHT that book is coming!

Take a big breath! so because of this insane week, disheveled hair and all, it was really nice to come home to a warm home and just draw for 'me'. not for a job, not for something that was due last week, not to panic- just enjoy.
this is what i did tonight, and really enjoyed just drawing to how i was feeling... i think it sums me up!!

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