Tuesday, August 30, 2011

creative womans circle

im so excited... this saturday im off to the creative womans circle in melbourne. there will be a speech from the great Shelley Panton who is an amazing potter. The event will be held at frankie and swiss' new studio... and i am busting at the seams to go! michelle the director of frankie and swiss has asked me to design some prints to hang up in her studio for saturday. im thrilled. a while ago i started this illustration of me on a bad day... the weekend ended up being a great one, but i never got round to illustrating it (well these one stretch the truth just a weeee bit!) . so these are the prints that will be displayed at frankie and swiss studio this weekend. yey! there will be so many wonderful ladies there who i admire... one being dawn tan. dawn illustrates alot for frankie magazine (aaahhhhh i know... tell me about it!). pllleaaaase hurry up saturday you are too far away for my liking!
until next time... xx


  1. That's awesome Clare - I'm sure you'll have an amazing time with all the other creatives.

    I like these drawings too - they're really playful & fun!



  2. Wonderful news! Have fun. Love your designs (as usual).

  3. Is the 'creative circle' open to anyone? What was it like and what do you talk about? Will there be another? Very cute illos by the way :D



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