Sunday, August 28, 2011

daylesford, divinity, domestic and drawing

what a day! phhheeew im exhausted. we just got back from daylesford. popped down that way to finalize wedding plans and bits and pieces. i feel extremely organized and on top of things again after today which is great. it was 8 weeks yesturday till the big day wiiiiii! just a little bit excited. we had time to stop in and have lunch at my favourite bocconcini's mmmmm-m! we enhaled an amazing snitzel. gee youv gotta love these days!
now also, how could we go to daylesford without popping into the amazing lark. gosh i love that shop! i feel extremely lucky to be getting married in such a beautiful town.
to top the day off i came home and made some yo yo biscuits. they are just cooling now. i think im keeping myself so busy so that my 'mondayitus' doesnt sneak in... waah another weekend over! what a big day i have had.... oh yes and i drew this.
Happy sunday peeps.


  1. Hi Claire, thanks so much for saying hi! Now i get to read your pretty blog too! Such lovely work, i'm sending your link to my cousin who is a textile designer. She will love your work too - she is a pattern-oholic. Wow! What a small world and how lucky are you to be working next to Jess Milinkovic!! Say hi for me :) Love your illo up the top too... see you in a few hours after i read your whole blog :) x

  2. Congratulations for the forthcoming wedding - unless it has already taken place! I think Daylesford is such a beautiful place to be married. Best of Luck!



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