Wednesday, November 30, 2011


hello again... with the talk of love that i have just posted about, i wanted to share with you all my newest range i designed for kaisercraft. this range is called bonjour- and as you can see its a love inspired french theme. this is not my style at all, but am very happy to say that i enjoyed designing this one a lot! i think because i had such a clear brief.
this range is now available at kaisercraft. x


  1. Clare, congrats!! Woohoo I hope your wedding day was LOADS of fun! My wedding day was definitely one of the most fun days I've ever had :D These new designs are lovely. Sometimes it's nice to work in a style that's not 'yours' isn't it? Just for something different!!

  2. Wonderful work--totally different from your style but you've managed to do this beautifully! If I haven't said this before, congrats on your marriage. How exciting!



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