Sunday, February 19, 2012

feb 19

hi again, todays theme was fun, "something i hate doing"... i knew straight away what that would be. eating foods i don't like. i share very unusual eating habits with my friend (twin) jess. we hate sweet and savory together and also dislike many foods that people like...and in turn, they think we are mad. if i had to cull my endless hated food these are my top. yukko... they are fun to draw though. 
this sketch is one of my favourites so far in the challenge. i have been getting a little slack with them lately and havn't been liking what im drawing, but this one i am happy with...and it's of my worst enemies ahah thats ironic!
have a great sunday. im off to bikram yoga now...hellllpppppppp!


  1. I think textures of foods are more likely to make you hate them. I don't have a hatred of anything in particular but Mr C HATES beetroot, pears, smelly cheese and dried fruit (weirdo!) and my youngest gags at mashed potato......
    Lovely illustration.
    enjoy your yoga

  2. as you know, they are all not invited to my party either. (except maybe the donuts)


    a lovely mixed bag.



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