Monday, February 20, 2012

feb 20

happy monday everyone. i hope you all had a great weekend, what did you get up to? gee another one over already? how quickly is this year going already!!!  over the weekend i went to a vintage/ antiques store and nearly died! it was amazing, insane, incredible, the best EVEERRRR! i took some pics (probably not aloud), that ill share with you all another day. 
as for today, the theme- handwriting. i decided to do one of my favourite quotes in my handwriting, well technically "handdrawing". 
also perfect timing for this theme, over the weekend, my husband left me the most devine post-it on the bed with a one of my favourite magazines.. . i know its just one image a day, but i just couldn't resist putting this one up. how very cute, i love his handwriting.
see you tomorrow x


  1. Very cute post-it! Love your illustration to, great quote x

  2. So sweet! Both your illo and your hubby's note!



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