Tuesday, February 21, 2012

feb 21

ok, so i thought to myself...HOW am i going to illustrate a favourite photo of myself! well?! a few ideas came through my head, and then i thought it was best to see what my favourite photo of myself actually was. i came to the conclusion that this was it. not particularly of me, but us. it was taken on a holiday to bali we did in 2009. this night was amazing. we ate, and drunk our selves silly at  ku de ta. it actually was our anniversary and i thought jarrod was going to propose (well he didnt). i was going to try and interpret this photo in some sort of illustration but i just couldnt. our expressions are what make it my favourite. we laughed so much that night that my stomach hurt. i decided to draw a bit ON the photo, so that it still involved me illustrating (of some sorts).  thanks again for stopping by.


  1. Such a sweet and cute pic! Thanks for sharing such a wonderfully personal moment!



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