Thursday, February 2, 2012

february challenge

mrs creative chantelle, over at fat mum slim, has made up a challenge for instagram for february. 29 photos in 29 days. each day has a theme for the photographs. i love it... however i have decided to do this challenge through illustration, still with the themes but just drawn not photographed. i am going to draw something a day for 29 days. i will post them each day and see how i go. i have also committed to a bikram yoga february challenge (hmmmm yes ive conquered 2 days already but by jingoes its hard... oh yes it is the month for challenges. im up for it. hang on, yes february has already set sail, lets just say there will be a double whammy of the illustrations tonight for the late start! - 'your view today, and words" x


  1. looking forward to it.

    a lovely mixed bag. x

  2. so cool - look forward to your daily dose of illustrations! your work is so bright and cheerful - cheered me up on what is going to be a manicly busy and VERY cold day. -4 degrees arghhhh!!! x



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