Friday, February 10, 2012

foto friday

ok ok i know i havnt done my feb 9 post, but i was in bed by 7pm last night. i felt terrible and had a ripper headache. yeah yeah... but i promise to make it up to you all... actually my beautiful husband is taking me away for the weekend on a secret getaway! im so very excited. i was told a very few things and clues such as:
bring warm (very warm) clothes
nice clothes (ok so we may be dining out!)
and comfies.
i have a few ideas but dont want to say them aloud incase i ruin my own surprise! so my feb challenge will be on back order for a few days.
anyway, my foto friday today is the incredible catherine campell. everything she does i love and this is just another delicious treat. catherine is a neighbour of mine, only an hour away. how lucky we are to have talented people like her in our country! check out her etsy here too.


  1. Oh this is such a small world ! I love Catherine Campbell's art !! :)
    Thanks a lot for passing by my blog and for your lovely comments.

    Have a nice trip :)

  2. adore the beauty of your blog. and this print...perfect for my little girl's room. thanks ever so much for the link x

    ps. have a fabulous time away!



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