Thursday, February 9, 2012

good morning everyone. today i had a bit of a fright. I was the first on the scene to a car crash, right out side my house as i went out the gate. i ran over and helped and luckily noone was hurt.
it really shook me and made me think about how fragile life is... (i feel like i could cry ha) it really is. the crash was with a man all suited up in a beautifully polished silver car, the other was a mum with her son in the car. the man accedently hit the lady, and into her side. i honestly thought how easily she could have died and how instantly in a flash like that, that mans life would have changed, and how the ladies families life would have changed. after it was all settled, i went back inside the house and threw my lettuce out, put the tuna can back in the cupboard and swapped it for a GIANT bowl of spagetti, left overs. life is too short, and on that note i found this awesome quote by 55some.
take care today everyone, and make the most of your day!


  1. I hate coming on accidents it freaks me out. Glad you are well.

  2. Wow this is such a "great" story... I love the quote, thank you and I'm happy that everybody is well :)

  3. great post!!!
    seriously great, makes you remember what is important in life xo



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