Friday, March 30, 2012

foto friday- great friend of mine

happy friday everyone! i wanted to share with you a burst of inspiration. for my foto friday i am dedicating the post to my great friend jimmy. he is one talented guy and im only so slightly (immensely) jealous of his work and what he comes up with.
we worked together as beavis and butthead for 2 years at rip curl. jimmy continued to work at rip curl for a further 4 years and now has branched out on his own. 
he is so incredible and his ideas never cease to amaze me! check out more of his work here.
love your work jimbob!


  1. these are great. loving the skull especially.

  2. i love your drawings so much!
    want one tattooed on me.
    wish you drew swans!! do you know anyone who does? xo

  3. Amazing work! Congrats to your friend, he is very talented :)



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