Saturday, March 31, 2012

just a little something for saturday

phheeeeeewwwwww, what a huge day. i have been run off my feet. 

whilst my husband went off and played football, i decided to go look through some open houses. (always love to do that) Mum came with me which was nice.. good to share ideas/ thoughts with.
we ended up going through 6 houses... its that sort of thing where you want them ALL and NOW! 

anyway after all that i came home and thought i would get stuck into a job im working on at the moment.
i have been asked to draw some illustrations to put up and decorate a primary school. this one is for the sick bay and a work in progress. i will be putting the actual scanned dress fabric in the little girls dress and i think the same for the boys shirt or shorts. i hope you like it so far.
happy saturday. see you tomorrow if i get the chance.


  1. I really like it! Can't wait to see the finished product. Have fun with the house hunting!

  2. Hi there !

    Thank you for your kind words ! Love your illustration they are so so cute :)
    I'll follow you as well !

    ps : your wedding photos are amazing (Im getting married very soon too)

  3. Awhh how cute! Love them and will look great when the fabric is scanned in! Thank you for your comment it cheered me right up and things are a lot better now :)
    I will defo be in touch about some kind of tattoo drawing ;)
    i'm going to have a little go myself but i'll probably fail!!! xo

  4. Just found your lovely blog a ''BiG hElLo'' from me
    XX Manda XX



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