Wednesday, May 30, 2012


well hellooo all... my goodness its been a long time. 
i wont go into all details but you have NO idea how busy i have been. victor fox has been keeping me so crazy busy, my computer got a update then decided to shut up shop (gasssppp!), i have moved house, been to bali on a holiday... and much more! lots going on. anyway- i really hope this finds you all well, and id love to hear from you all again. thank you so much to my new followers while iv been M.I.A.  i hopefully can convince you that this is not usually my posting habbits, its just been a hectic month (or two). this is a peek of some children's cards iv'e been working on in collaboration with an awesome children's boutique in barwon heads. the store is bambolotta. glad to be back xx


  1. Hello, the cards are lovely! It's such a coincidence that you asked about the print. I finally got a mount today to frame it and they cut the mount to the wrong size. Grrr. It's probably going to go in the kitchen when it's all sorted! x

  2. Loving these cards, so cute! You have been a busy bee...and I totally sympathise about the computer crashing, it is the end of the world!x



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