Friday, June 8, 2012

did it again

ok so i thought i wouldn't do it and i swore to myself not too... be M.I.A that is. im sorry followers and friends, i haven't been very exciting lately, but iv just been so hectic (yes yes i know, we all have). i NEED to make more time. i wont go on about it though... 

anyway a few things have been happening in the world of victor fox, first a formost... drum roll please... i got into the new kids print and pattern book! woooohoooo! im so so excited. i wont spill the beans on what will be featured, but you will have to keep an eye out. i hope there will be books left in australia as between myself and my mum- i think we will purchase the ENTIRE shipment! im really so excited.

when i found out i went straight over to mum and dads to tell them... mum went up to her bedroom and then came down minutes later with a little book in her hand. it was her 'santa's book', its where she writes all our presents in for christmas that coming year (although we are all over the age of 25 now, it keeps her very organised and to be honest i should take a leaf out of that book, literally!) anyway she said look at this, and showed me a list she had written a few years ago for me... on the top was "bowie style's print and pattern book". mum said something that i didn't really think of, and was quite awesome. she said " a few years ago that book was number one on your christmas list, now your actually IN IT!" aggghhhhh so that made me all that little bit excited!

on another note, i have been really enjoying my drawing again lately... its hard when you go through the stages when you feel that you are shit, and that everyone else is so much better. i have been thinking of quotes lately to inspire me and to get me pumped- happy to be myself. the poor girls i work with, hear it every day from me " im shit, my drawings are like 2 year olds, etc etc". enough is enough clare! so this is the end of that... only positive comments from me now. 

on that note, i think when you become happier in your skin, everything seems peachy! i did this drawing tonight and was wrapped with it. so thats it... happy thoughts for me!

heck! iv written a bit. enjoy your friday


  1. Congratulations! That is such exciting news! I shall keep and eye out for you in it when its for sale!xxx

  2. HOORAY! Congrats, that is fantastic news :-) I will definitely get a copy so I can point to your print that I won, and your work in the book, and brag a bit that I have some of your work ;-)

  3. Yay !! Congratulations :D
    This book will be fantastic and I will have my copy for sure ! Love the story about your mother's book, I don't know if you've heard about "the law of attraction" or believe in it, but I am sure this is a really good example of it !!!

  4. Wow! congrats! really happy for you ;)
    Thanks a lot for your sweet comment.
    Wish you a lovely week-end ;)

  5. Congrats! Such great news! You'll have to let us know the moment it's out cuz I want!

  6. hi lovely, huge congratulations on this one :) what a lovely way of finding out that your work is really liked!! x x x



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