Monday, June 11, 2012

colour mad

hi all. today is one of those days when you feel that your head is going to explode with ideas. ideas that will (most likely) go into my 'book of ideas' and stay there forever as sad and lonely words. 

i have these days every now and again where i want to make everything and everything. i see one idea that flows into the next, that then creates another. most of the time its colour that spurs the idea... i love colour. my favourite colour is yellow and i cant get enough of bright, fun, vibrant colours.

i went out for lunch in Barwon Heads with my husband today and afterwards had a look in a few shops. i was wandering aimlessly but with such determination... i couldn't believe it- my head was seriously going to pop with ideas, ideas of colour, jewellery making, tshirt designs, ideas for our new house, carpets, rugs, light shades, painting and new designs i wanted to create. i needed to write it all down in a book so that i didn't forget. i got home and wanted to create. create and make anything and ALL SORTS. blank and then so frustrated. 

so i got on pinterest... my favourite site for ideas. i got onto vintage tickets and receipts, and then created this. its not my style at all but i enjoyed it, and love the colour. 
do you  ever get like this? and what do you usually create? it intrigues me how our creative brains work!

 im now onto my next idea...gee ill sleep well tonight! 

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE this! The colours, layering, everything! And yes, I to get so overwhelmed with ideas that I may just burst! Thank god for pinterest, camera phones and the old notebook and pen to record all those ideas for later x



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