Thursday, June 14, 2012

a thought for thursday

hi! im not sure where you are all reading this from but at the moment in geelong its sitting at about 10 degrees. im wrapped in as many layers with a blanket around myself. my right hand is close to frozen and im trying not let the other one get to where his friend is. waaahhhhh!
anyway. tomorrow is friday and that makes it all better. ha!
tonight i was imagining being away on holidays, and on some island sipping at a cocktail (mind you... i was doing this only 2 and half weeks ago in bali) and in hot weather, oooh how i wish. 
and then i stopped to think about how much of our lives we wish to be somewhere else, or doing something else. "i cant wait till 5 o'clock comes and i go home from work", or "i just wish it was the weekend", etc... sometimes we miss whats happening right in front of us, and being in the moment. so it got me onto this: enjoy your thursday and lets not wish our life away too quickly


  1. Oh you´re so right, I do it all the time...but no more! I´m gonna live the present!! but thank God tomorrow it´s friday haha
    Have a nice weekend!

    1. hahah i know. im very happy to be in the moment today! yey friday
      thanks for your comment
      Clare x

  2. I LOVE this pic Moriesse!!!!
    Great colours and such a great thought....
    Love you, d+o xo



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