Tuesday, June 19, 2012

just checking in

hi a quick one for me tonight, as im sooo tired. just wanted to share with you the work i have been doing for kaisercraft. this is my latest range called check in. its a travel range with a slightly vintage feel. i really enjoyed designing this range. i tried to sneak in as much yellow as possible as its my favourite colour. you can see it all here. i hope your week is going well.
wednesday tomorrow. half way there 


  1. It's a lovely collection - well done! x

  2. when i first saw pics of this clare I knew it had to be one of your designs! one of my favourites of yours to date! :) I'll have to pop out and buy some of this for sure! xox

  3. LOVE this collection especially since I have just returned from my hols!x

  4. This is lovely!!! Yellow is my favourite colour to :)



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