Friday, September 14, 2012

long time..nothing

hiiiiii!!!!! gee what a long time it has been! my goodness.
first of all i will apologize for the lack of communication, lack of creativity and lack of contribution to this blog- but why you ask? well i have been verryyyyy busy, life changing busy.

so since i last wrote, we have bought a new house, sold the other one, moved out of the old and into the new, got a new car (yey) and most exciting of all... finished up at my full time job and took the giant leep into becoming my own boss... thats right. victor fox here i come.

in the midst of all the packing and unpacking, the computer got a little forgotten and so did the blog. in saying that i have been keeping busy with lots of design work, and even more weddings.

my poor old grandpa had a fall and was in hospital, ok now, one of my beautiful best friends had a little boy, another travelled the world, i have bitten all my nails off, my husband got a new job, i've done 5 markets.. gee life has been hectic.

thank you to my new followers- and i hope i can be a bit more up to date then you have seen as of late (eek)

but here i am. and loving life.

i also wanted to share with you a sneak peek of my newest and exciting work.  i am doing a collaboration with falls festival this year and designing some super exciting peices for the VIP tents, stage etc.

here is a little of what i have been up too. i promise i will be back into it again this weekend.

until then, have a goodie xx

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  1. Congrats on everything! But I'm so sorry to hear about your grandfather. Your sneak peek looks fabulous! Can't wait to see the project when it's done! YAy!



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