Wednesday, June 27, 2012

wednesday... im half way there

howdy! hope this email finds everyone well. tonights print resembles something that is very special to me. i have been wanting a sausage dog for so long now, and it's now just up to my husband to give me the a-ok! so i wait...i have already chosen his name and what colour he will be... oh how i wish.
for now, whilst i wait, he will just be the star of my illustrations!
see you soon x


  1. Hey Clare! Oh I do hope you get a sausage dog one day very soon! (and that he will be golden olive green?- as the picture!? hee hee) I had to wait a while for the same 'a-ok' to get my lovely fluffy Lulu-cat but sure enough here she is beside me now :)xx

  2. I hope you get the OK!

    I have a mini dacshund myself and she is tons of fun!



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