Tuesday, June 28, 2011

41 orchard sneak

gee i forgot to show you a sneak peak of the work im doing with 41 orchard at the moment. iv got about 6 designs on the go, but wanted to share (even just a taste or tease) of my favourite. ill be catching up with 41 orchard next week to get some samples out... cant wait to see them. its been a bit hard to share the ideas as some of them werent finalized... anyway stay tuned x


  1. I'm loving it so far! But I'm not surprised. Your work is fabulous!

  2. Oh my goodness, I've missed so many of your posts! This little bub of mine has been keeping me away from bloggy land - but that's OK! I get more lovely eye candy all at once when I finally catch up with it :) I'm loving your work Clare - so much great stuff going on here, you're inspiring me to get moving with some new work myself! xo



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