Sunday, July 3, 2011

what a lovely surprise!

on friday i nearly fell off my chair, as my heart skipped one giant beat.. even a few! i found myself so emerged in nicola pearsons blog ( as i often do). i was reading the 10 things that she wrote about herself as a result of the kreativ blogger award. i was reading through and came to the end where i saw the sentense " i am now passing my kreativ blooger award onto victor fox". whatttt! i got the most insane 'hottie' as my blood all rushed to my head. i couldnt and cannot believe it. i love nicolas work and for her to pass this award onto me is that exciting, i am thrilled! thank you so much nicola!
seriously you have made my day/ week/ month!
so now i am thinking of 10 things to write about myself (that you didnt already know)...before, i too have to pass the krativ blogger award on. i have been umming are arging about what i should write... watch this space. thank you again nicola!


  1. very well deserved :-)
    thanks for your comment earlier x

  2. You're very welcome Victor Fox! Sorry it's taken so long for me to comment, my blogger at home hasn't been letting me comment :( so tempramental! So had to wait to come to work! :) nikki



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