Tuesday, July 19, 2011

what i (wish i) wore today

i have been so sick the last few days... and im over it... cough cough!
i slept from 11pm last night till 3pm this afternoon... crazy i know. but must have needed it.
whilst sipping my lemsip tonight- i drew these in the spirit of gemma correll. this is what i wished i had of felt like today (or yesturday or even sunday). ill be back to my normal self soon hopefully. xx


  1. LOL! Awesome! Love the "wish" vest and clogs!

  2. Those are great!!! They really put a smile on my face and also made me want to pick up a pen and sketch more!!! Really great!!

  3. LOL.... you crack me up Clare :) glad I found you. I am now a follower....



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