Sunday, July 3, 2011

how to get to know clare in 10 facts

ok so I have thought long and hard about these 10 things about myself. im sorry i have taken a long time, i (i know i know) been so busy!

first off, let me introduce myself if you dont already know me. my name is clare miller. im 27 years old…i am a graphic designer for kaisercraft by day and an illustrator and creator by night... now for the juicey stuff

1) i am petrified of ghost, no no petrified is not a powerful enough word…beside myself, horrified, phobia style scared of ghosts! i cannot even talk about them! i cannot think about them and certainly hate people starting off with the sentense “lets tell ghost stories”. it is also not funny, don’t laugh! I swear to god I am petrified…i have never seen one and nore do i even want to think about the possibility. hideous… im getting tears just writing this. YUK!

2) I cannot stand sweet and savory mixed together. whoever thought putting pinapple on a pizza was a good idea needs serious help. i hate it. i hate cream and jam on muffins (i have to have butter) i hate (like I said) pinapple on pizza, jam/ honey or marmelade on toast.. are you serious??! Fairy bread (who ever is not sure of this its sprinkles on bread), honey or apricot chicken- WHAT?! mandarine in a salad- excuse me?! apple sauce with pork, maple syrup on bacon- common!

note: I consider toast/bread and muffins to be savory… maybe that’s weird but hey that’s how it is!

3)i have the most incredible finace. and he is just gorgeous. he is so smart, funny, fit and got the best body… thankkkk-you! so coordinared in any sport he plays, has the most beautiful eyes. . we are taloir made. i adore him and am so thankful for every day he is in my life and look forward to every day in the future. we also were lucky enough to meet eachother in a pub in thailand and we are both from the same town half way across the world- pretty special i think.

4) i worked for rip curl for 2 years in advertising. i used to go on great photoshoots all over the world, where i was incharge of making the models look hot! one of most favourite memories is when i floated on a boat in the marshall islands for 10 days on the most incredible photoshoot of all time. there was about 8 of us all up on the boat including the surfers and models. i spent new years on a tropical island (where basically noone had stepped foot) eating sword fish which one of the indo boys caught that day and cooked under the sand.

5) time to get embarressing... from year 7, me and my friend meg were obsessed... insanely, mad teenage girl obsessed with the band take that. howard and mark were my favourite. when they broke up. i locked myself in my room playing their cd's and crying for hours! ahahahahhaah. in year 8 my family and hers were in sydney. we made our dads drive out of the way to a hotel where we heard that take that had stayed a few years ago. we stood in the foyer and took a photo of ourselves...we then proceeded to skate our feet across every square inch of the floor so that we could say ' we have stood where take that have stood!'

6) i can and love to eat lemons like oranges. i cut them up and without a wince or a twinge of the eye i can and looove to enhale the whole thing, every bit of it. mmmm-m!

7) i cant touch cotton wool balls..arrrgggggg! when people hold them and grind them my whole body goes crazy. when i think about holding them, i get shivers all over my body and the inside of my bottom teeth get all sensative. bbllllaaa!

8) i bite my nails. no i am shocking. absolutely terrible. and have been for years, as long as i can remember. they are stubbs. my dad always used to say to me as a little girl that the day i get engaged i will have to hold my hand into a fist so that people dont see my nails when showing them my ring. and guess what i did last year when i got engaged... yep!

9) i think im am extremely emotionally intelligent and aware of peoples behaviour. i love to help people and to feel i have made them feel better. i hate bullying and when people are left out. i actually cried in the movie nutty professor because i couldnt stand how awful they were being to the fat man. i hate it so much when i can see people are feeling left out of a conversation or feeling unhappy. i honestly cry myself when i see others upset, and i will always try to make others feel special, included or better in any way i can.

10) i am (in the words of my dad) " a thousand miles an hour with my ass on fire". maybe because i am creative?? i dont know. and scatty, jumping from one thing to another in a flash! i can have a terribly messy room, but concentrate on having a vase on my bed side table with beautiful flowers and make that look amazing whilst the rest of my room is a bomb. i can be running late to something, not even dressed but can stop in my tracks to peel the sticker off my new candle that has been annoying me! im hopeless. i catch up with friends and have to imaginarly 'post-it mark' my ideas because i have jumped from one thing to another so quickly that i will forget if i dont. in a way i love it though, i think thats what makes me live each minute as i do.

thanks for reading my 10 special things that you didnt know about me. i would like to now pass on the creative award to the lovely belinda strong of honey jumble. what can i say... i adore her work! its just brilliant and each idea of hers never ceases to amaze me! her use of colour and expression on her characters is the best! my favourite (i wonder why) is her magic fox cusion! so there you go bee... i cant wait to hear 10 things about you, and thanks for having such a great blog!

to finish off, i wanted to share with you a few photos. enjoy



  1. ... and for all those reasons and more I love you.

    (too much?)

  2. Gee Clare, there's a few things there I didn't know. I wish I still worked with you, because I would be bringing in the hugest, biggest, largest, most humongous bag of cotton wool balls EVER LOL ...... bwahahaha!
    Every single thing you say about yourself is for the reasons everyone just adores and loves you - and Crare, I am no exception. I think you are one in a million - but I know you already know that. Miss you x.

  3. These are great! Nice to hear more about you! :)

  4. Oh, I just read this, it's nice to know more person behind your beautiful works. xo, Nataya

  5. First time visitor - love your work, your humour, sensitivity, creativity and ho esty.
    Congrats on all you are achieving Clare. Xxxxx Keatings



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