Tuesday, August 9, 2011

skip hop

hi everyone, apologies for my lack of posts. this wedding is keeping me quite busy as i thought it would. victor has not been forgotten,
just at the bottom of the pile, (unfortunately at the moment)

this is a short post but i wanted to share with you some exciting news.
i received an email a few months back from a lady from skip hop NYC... asking if i would do some work for their company... i thought originally that it couldn't be true... what! a New York company has emailed ME and asked ME to design for them? sorry? surely they must think its someone else. anyway... i have been working along, secretly squirrel like on the new project for skip hop. i cannot give any sneak peaks or any themes, but all i can say is that ill keep you posted... and ill let you know as soon as it is available... (these images are of existing skip hop product)
skip hop is an incredible children's linen, play equipment, gorgeous company that does all things cute for kids, im thrilled and very chuff to be apart of this. yey for me! ( i think i can say that... yes i can... yey yey for me!)


  1. Brilliant! So excited for you! Hope all is coming along with the wedding nicely!

  2. Oh yay! Congrats! Though I'm not really surprised they want you to work for them since you truly are fabulous!

  3. That is majorly EXCITING! Will be a fun project to do too :)



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