Thursday, June 21, 2012

the walrus said

hi! what a busy week i have had! thank you to my new followers... very excited to have you here. 
i have been so scatty this week, my brain has been a fried apricot. and i keep telling myself to "get into it and concentrate"... not that i havn't been doing a thousand things! 
i keep saying to my husband " the time has come the walrus said" from alice in wonderland hahah, and i just keep saying it and sayng it. the time has come! thats for sure. 
so this morning as i was getting ready to leave for work, i said "the time has come (for work) the walrus said!" and jarrod said " i think thats enough of that saying!" and then this illustration popped into my head that i decided to do tonight!
the time has come (to an end!)

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