Tuesday, June 7, 2011

life in rewind

well well well... where the hell have i been??? not sure, busy... very busy! stuck in a foxtel IQ set box, fast forwarding and rewinding live tv... aka my life.
anyway enough of that, and i dont want this post to be one of those that start with "i havnt blogged for so long" bla bla.

today is my wonderful mums birthday. so i decided to search through the piles of old albums, yellow tinged and corners curled.
i stubbled across possibly the best photos iv ever seen, and found myself neck deep in bronze spiral bound albums. just when i thought they couldnt get any better i found an album of my mum and dad on a road trip when they were young. bingo!

very impressed mum and dad...very very impressed. (maybe not dads hair though ahaha)
happy tuesday x


  1. oh my these are AMAZING!!! esp like the one of your mom water skiing she is clearly having the BEST time :)

  2. These are awesome. Is that roadkill they've photographed?

  3. hmmmm yes meaghan its road kill. dad probably thought it would be beneficial to photograph it to remember... who knows!
    yeah miss pixie, how great is that photo, we were saying it could have been an ad for the gold coast queensland in the 70's.
    thanks for the comments x



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